A Traineeship is part of the same family as apprenticeships which means that you get time with an employer and support from a specialist training provider as well with a mix of classroom as well as practical learning. Essentially, they are to help you to become ‘work ready’.

Over 1-6 months, you can therefore expect to get a programme of critical work experience incorporated with a lot of help to get you started on your career path. One of the providers offering Traineeships locally is t2 Group in Bristol and we asked them to tell us more about this option, who might be best suited to it and where it can lead. Here’s what they told us …

Why should you consider a Traineeship?

Employability skills – you might want to choose a Traineeship to get general employability skills through your work experience placement reinforced by the training company. These are very often top employers and names you will recognise so will add real value to your CV. At the end, you will also be able to demonstrate your new skills and in-depth understanding with a Certificate in Employability.

Help with job-hunting – the training provider will also have expert staff able to offer careers advice and 1 to 1 support to secure that job or apprenticeship – depending on your age – as well as help with CV writing.

Valued pathways – Traineeships are highly valued by employers as a ‘step up’ to a successful apprenticeship.

Better prospects – afterwards, there’s a good chance that your Traineeship could lead you on into a job if you are over 18 – or into an intermediate apprenticeship. This could be either with the same employer or elsewhere because you will now able to demonstrate new-found employability skills, work experience and better qualifications.

Try out a future career path – another way to look at it is that the work experience on a Traineeship provides a chance to trial industries and employers you might be considering to find the right fit for you.

Maths and English – if you are struggling academically, you can usually expect help with improving your grades in English, Maths and ICT as part of your Traineeship.

Qualifications – there may even be an opportunity to take some vocational qualifications depending on how well you are doing.

They’re not exactly the same as Apprenticeships

Pay – basically, you aren’t going to get paid on a Traineeship placement with an employer. There’s a good chance that you will be reimbursed some of your expenses by either the employer or college, but do not depend on that. This is an opportunity to help you get your future started, and you will be getting a lot of free help and experience along the way.

Duration – a Traineeship might conceivably last just a month, but in practice more like 3-6 months which is still much less that any apprenticeship. It’s a short-term investment in you by the employer and training provider so make it really count.

Entry criteria – you’ll need to be qualified below level 3 to get onto a Traineeship whereas this isn’t a consideration for apprenticeships as a whole.

Is there another option?

Some of the training providers – like t2 group – offer Pre-Apprenticeship programmes for 16-18 year olds as well. These are fast-track opportunities to support you for up to 26 weeks (sometimes quicker) in preparation for your next career steps.

Exactly like a Traineeship, you can work on improving your English, Maths and ICT grades, get expert individual help and guidance to enable you to make the right choices; help with finding a job, apprenticeship or further course of study and gain an Employability Certificate on completion.

The main difference is that it all happens that much faster and your invaluable work experience placement may only be for 4-6 weeks to best suit you.

Where can I find a Traineeship or Pre-Apprenticeship?

T2 Apprenticeship Academy – this is in Fairfax Street, Bristol and part of the t2 group. They have become one of the largest apprenticeship and traineeship training organisations in the UK, employing over 400 staff and working with around 10,000 learners each year – worth a look.

Find a Traineeship – There’s a handy government website dedicated just to Traineeship vacancies called find-traineeship.

Training Providers – the college and training companies offering Traineeships and Pre-Apprenticeships will have details on their websites – e.g. Creative Youth Network, DCET, Learndirect, Reflections Training Academy, Weston College and Prince’s Trust.

Careersnearhere – there’s also signposting to some of the local Traineeships on Careersnearhere as well as a simple information page under Post 16 Options at the bottom of every screen to help further.

And finally …

If you are aged 16-24 and want to work, but lack the skills and experience that employers are looking for, it is possible that you will have not been able to secure an apprenticeship so far and are either out of school or looking to get out soon! If this is the case, a Traineeship or Pre-Apprenticeship could be just what you need to get your career underway.

Thank you to t2 group for today’s highly informative blog. Check out their webpage and find them on Facebook at t2apprenticeships.

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