A CV is effectively a sales brochure to promote ‘product you’ and specifically your skills and competencies relevant to a particular role.

The term CV stands for Curriculum Vitae and roughly translated from Latin it means: (the) course of (my) life.

In some countries, it is known as a Résumé so you may occasionally see this as well.



You should have a CV as an ongoing summary of your education, qualifications, experience and key achievements to date.

It is typically sent to a recruiter with a Cover Letter and an Application for a job, whether work experience, a holiday job, an Apprenticeship or full-time Employment.

And the main purpose of your CV is to secure an Interview so you can then promote ‘product you’ in person!



Your CV – please never write it as Curriculum Vitae – should ideally:

  • be easy to read – write it for the reader’s benefit, not for yourself
  • show off your skills – evidence why anyone should invest time and money in you
  • show that you’ve done your research – and know exactly what you’re applying for
  • be quite brief – one or two pages at this stage


  • recruiters often have ‘hundreds’ of CVs to look through
  • they only spend a few seconds skim reading each one
  • there’s not much time for you to make an impact!

Basic content headings include your:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Key achievements – with brief evidence
  • Education – most recent first
  • Work experience – most recent first
  • Other achievements

Make an impact – your CV should be:

  • Easy to read
  • Relevant
  • Full of Keywords



Take a look in the careers rooms on Careersnearhere.com as you should be able to fill your CV with recent and relevant experiences from the local opportunities advertised (for free) on the INSPIRATION and EXPERIENCE noticeboards.

We also frequently cover CVs in more detail in our blogs.

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And on You Tube and the internet why not have a look for relevant videos including those by some of the major employers.

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