There are a few different types of application to be aware of, including:

  • online forms – usually template boxes asking specific questions
  • in writing – attaching your CV and any other requested material
  • in person – introductory ‘cold calling’ leading (hopefully) to an opportunity to send a CV



There are many reasons why you might need to complete an application including:

And there are various reasons why online forms are used by potential recruiters:

  • speed – quick to scan through and often checked mechanically
  • simplicity – they all look the same therefore easy to find information
  • pre-interview questions – you will be answering questions requesting specific information
  • cost – online far easier to store and sort than ‘mountains’ of paper applications and CVs



Think carefully when completing an online application:

  • why – are they asking for the information?
  • relevant – is it relevant to the recruiter?
  • buzz words – does it use similar words and mirror the language of the recruiter?
  • key words – try to use your own positive, proactive ‘power words’
  • n/a – instead of leaving a blank box on the form, put ‘not applicable’
  • word count – even with free-form boxes, does it still grab their attention?

And why not take a look around Careersnearhere.com as you should be able to fill your Applications with recent and relevant experiences from the local opportunities advertised (for free) on the Inspiration and Experience noticeboards under the relevant industry / career sectors.



There is a government publication if you search online under how to write a winning apprenticeship application.

On Careersnearhere.com, why not take a look at:

  • CV, and other headings under the Tips section at the bottom of the page
  • Careers Advice & Guidance Online and other headings under the Help section at the bottom of the page

Perhaps also search YouTube and the internet for relevant videos including those by some of the major employers.

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