Being self-employed is about working for yourself, working the hours that you want (or need to) and about taking risks. It’s about the freedom of being your own boss, but also about the responsibilities of securing contracts, the legalities, ensuring you get paid on time so that you can pay the bills. If it works, you could be very successful. If it doesn’t …



In choosing self-employment, you’ll have decided to join the world of work, but not to be employed in someone else’s business. You’ll also have decided against an Apprenticeship although you could still opt to develop your own skills with additional training.



If you are studying in education, why not first ask if your Sixth Form, College or University have staff nominated to help with careers advice & guidance – or with specialist knowledge in your sector.

To find out more about setting up your own business, why not take a look online for some of the support organisations available. Here are some local examples to help get you started:

Bath Road Studios
Bristol Games Hub
Bristol Hack Space
Buzz Lockleaze – Business Support
BV Studios
Cool Ventures
The Engine Shed
The Forge, Bristol
Network for Creative Enterprise Residencies
Jamaica Street Studios
Knowle West Media Centre
North Somerset Enterprise Agency
Outset Bristol
Paintworks, Bristol
The Princes Trust Enterprise Programme
SETsquared (Bristol & Bath)
Spike Island Artists’ Studios
Spike Design
Temple Studios


And why not explore Careersnearhere.com as local start up support organisations can advertise (for free) on the noticeboards under the relevant industry / career sectors including:

  • Inspiration noticeboards – e.g. inspirational events
  • Experience noticeboards – e.g. volunteering or work experience
  • Academic noticeboard – e.g. academic courses incorporating innovation



To explore start up related adverts on Careersnearhere.com:

  • Click on Explore Local Careers (TOP)
  • Scroll down
  • Select your favourite local industry/career sector
  • Discover any relevant, local adverts on the noticeboards
  • Follow the link in each advert to find out more or to apply direct to the relevant organisation



There are government websites and other overviews if you search online under headings such as ‘working for yourself’ and ‘self-employment checklist’.

There are also several free online start up toolkits available and information materials to download.

On Careersnearhere.com, why not also take a look at Careers Advice & Guidance Online and other headings under the Help section at the bottom of the page.

It’s Your Future – Let’s Get It Started!