A Gap Year refers to taking a year out before resuming your chosen career path, whether that will be in Higher Education, an Apprenticeship or Employment. It usually involves travelling, a work placement – or a combination of the two.

For an undergraduate in higher education, an Industrial Placement is typically one year out of a 4 year sandwich degree course working for a relevant employer.



Some of the reasons you might be looking for a Gap Year include:

  • experience – do you want to travel or get experience working for an employer?
  • breather – do you just need to ‘catch your breath’ before restarting your education?
  • financial – do you need to raise extra funds to support your higher education?
  • combination – do you need to raise funds to then travel for 6 months?
  • maturity – will you benefit from gaining some additional life skills before Uni or work?



For an undergraduate industrial placement – as well as for many Gap Year jobs – your choice could be influenced by:

  • subject – your degree course (e.g. engineering) will influence your choice of placement
  • availability – you may have to take the best opportunity at the time of applying
  • employer – do you have long term ambitions to work for a particular employer
  • experience – what are all the employers’ offering?
  • location – do you want to live at home in your placement year?
  • salary – what will you get paid during the placement?
  • job prospects – how likely is it that the employer will fast-track you as a graduate?



There are plenty of websites listing overseas opportunities for 16-21 year olds if that is what you are looking for.

However, in keeping with the Careersnearhere.com criteria of being local to the area, this section will only focus on opportunities for gap year jobs and industrial placements in the Bristol and Bath (BS & BA) postcode areas.

Your Sixth Form, College or University careers staff could well have local opportunities sent to them so it’s worth asking.

You could also check in the local (and national) newspaper and ask around your friends and family.

Researching online is another option and there are several specialist websites such as The Year in Industry.

Many of the major local employers also offer some kind of formal internship or placement which you should be able to find on their websites. But do also consider the smaller companies.

Why not also explore Careersnearhere.com as employers can advertise their local gap year jobs and industrial placements (for free) on the Experience noticeboards under the relevant industry / career sectors.

Volunteering/work experience opportunities and part-time jobs for 16-21 year olds are also advertised (for free) on the Experience noticeboards on Careersnearhere.com.

These opportunities can help you to fill your CV with recent and relevant experience to support your job applications and Interviews. Choose carefully to see if any could potentially also evolve into a year-long placement with the right employer.



To explore local gap year jobs and industrial placements advertised on Careersnearhere.com, select Work Experience at the top of the screen.



If you decide to ‘cold call’ a local business that isn’t advertising a Gap Year job, remember to spend some time on your CV and Cover Letter.

On Careersnearhere.com, why not take a look at:

Perhaps also search YouTube and the internet for relevant videos including those by some of the major employers.

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