Employment is about commitment to others, about going to work every day and about joining the ‘rat race’. It’s about payslips, national insurance contributions, holiday entitlements and about saving for your pension. It’s about turning up on time, behaving professionally, dressing appropriately and conforming to the rules of the company.



In choosing full-time employment, you’ll be over 18 and have decided to join the world of work. It doesn’t mean the end of any training/studying, but in future this will either be offered by your employer or you’ll choose to do it in your own time. There are separate sections on Apprenticeships at the bottom of the page.



Careers Advisers – Your Sixth Form, College or University will have Careers Advisers who could well have local job opportunities sent to them so definitely worth asking.

Newspapers – You could also check in the local (and national) papers

Local Contacts – Ask around your friends and family.

Local Recruitment Agencies – such as Reed, Total Jobs, Indeed …etc.

National Websites – Looking online is another option. Some websites focus on specific audiences (e.g. graduates or just engineers) so do some research to find one that suits you.

Unemployed? – If you are over 18 and have few/no qualifications, you could be struggling to find a job. Most of the organisations listed on the NEET & Disengaged page support young adults as well, so please take a look. But the following organisations should also be able to help you search for work and/or get the skills training and qualifications you need to get started:

Buzz Lockleaze
CCBED, Bristol
Community Learning, Bath College
Community Learning, Bristol
Community Learning, North Somerset
Community Learning, South Gloucestershire
Job Centre Plus, Bath
Job Centre Plus, Bristol
Job Centre Plus, North Somerset
Job Centre Plus, South Gloucestershire
Job Centre Plus, Wiltshire
Learndirect centres – Easton BS5, Bristol BS10, Bath BA1, Trowbridge BA14
Universal Jobmatch
WECIL (Disability)
Ways2Work (Bristol)



There are overviews on the government websites if you search online under headings such as the minimum ages children can work and know when you can leave school.

And take a look at YouTube and the internet for relevant videos.

Careersnearhere.com does not advertise full-time, permanent jobs. However, it does offer help in other ways:

(1) Work experience – Employers can advertise their local volunteering/work experience opportunities and part-time jobs for 16-21 year olds (for free) on the Experience noticeboards in the relevant careers rooms. Choose carefully and see if any of these could help fill your CV with recent and relevant experience to support a job Application – or perhaps even evolve into a full-time role matched with the right employer.

(2) Evening class – And why not consider a part-time / evening class to boost your CV? These are advertised on the Inspiration noticeboards as well as in the local newspapers and on individual College websites.

(3) Applications, CVs & Interviews – there’s plenty of useful help in the Tips section at the bottom of the screen.

(4) Careers Advice & Guidance Online – there’s plenty of additional support under the Help section at the bottom of the screen.


It’s Your Future – Let’s Get It Started!