An apprenticeship is a paid job with built-in training and approved qualifications.

There are three parties to an apprenticeship: the apprentice, the employer and the trainer, but at this level the training can very often include a pre-existing qualification which is usually delivered by a university or professional body.

Entry requirements are demanding, and the apprenticeships can last 3 to 5 years, sometimes longer!

Higher Apprenticeship (Level 4+) – These can be equivalent to Further Education, Higher Education, professional qualifications, or a combination of all of these and can often require challenging entry criteria.

School Leaver Programmes – Very similar; however they are usually only offered by the major employers and there will be full details on the individual company websites.

Degree Apprenticeship (Level 6+) – Can typically include a full bachelor’s degree as well as a vocational qualification with work-based training. The degree will either have been specially designed with the help of ‘trailblazer’ employers – or the apprenticeship might include an existing degree course combined with a professional competency test which is delivered by a professional body.

Do also look at the information on Apprenticeship (Level 2 or 3) as it is common for students to start these even after Sixth Form.



Some of the reasons you might be looking for an apprenticeship are:

  • ‘earn while you learn’
  • paid employment
  • gain transferable skills
  • nationally recognised qualifications
  • working alongside experienced employees
  • learning in the workplace
  • potentially also going to college / university / training centre depending on the apprenticeship



If you want to know if it’s theoretically possible to do an apprenticeship in your preferred career, have a look online for the Apprenticeships Frameworks Online library which lists all the approved training courses.

The larger employers also advertise their own apprenticeships and school leaver programmes.

And many of the apprenticeship vacancies are advertised nationally if you look online for the government-backed Find An Apprenticeship website.

Why not also explore Careersnearhere.com as universities, colleges and employers can advertise their local vacancies (for free) on the APPRENTICESHIPS noticeboards under the relevant industry / career sectors.



To explore local apprenticeships advertised on Careersnearhere.com select Apprenticeship Vacancies at the top of the screen.



There are overviews on the government websites if you search online under headings such as Further Education and Skills, Apprenticeships, the Higher and Degree Apprenticeships guide for higher education institutions, the Employer Guide to Apprenticeships, higher apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships.

On Careersnearhere.com, why not take a look at:

Perhaps also search YouTube and the internet for relevant videos including those by some of the major employers.

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