College qualifications vary, but can typically include:



In choosing to go to college, you are deciding to study in a totally new academic environment after school.

To read more detail about what college can offer, take a look at the separate sections covering Apprenticeships, Sixth Form and Traineeships under Post 16 Options at the bottom of the page.



Your choice of where to study could be influenced by a number of factors including:

  • location / catchment area restrictions
  • student numbers
  • travel arrangements
  • student age range
  • choice of subjects
  • leaving school (a fresh start, new teachers and new friends)
  • course structure
  • social / extra-curricular activities
  • cost

However, your next career path (e.g. Uni) could also influence your decision so research this carefully before choosing if, what and where to study.



The main colleges are listed below. Each has a BS or BA postcode as part of the Careersnearhere.com criteria for being local to the area.

Click on each one to find out what they offer. Most deliver a wide range of post 16 subjects and pathways, whilst some offer specialist courses. The individual websites will explain further.

Access Creative College
Bath College
Bristol City Community Trust
Bristol Rovers Community Trust
Bristol School of Art (at SGS)
City of Bristol College
dBs Music
MPCT – Military Preparation College
Reflections Training Academy
South Gloucestershire & Stroud College (SGS – Filton)
Strode College
Weston College
Wiltshire College, Trowbridge
Yeovil College
Note: There are also several theological colleges



Each college website should list the available subjects, open evenings, contact details and the application process. Remember to also check for any admissions criteria as this will be worth researching carefully before making any decisions.

To compare colleges, why not research websites including the government’s (Further Education) FE choices performance tables and Ofsted.

And take a look around Careersnearhere.com as the colleges can also advertise relevant courses (for free) under the industry / career sectors:



There are many Government websites if you search under further education courses, education and 16-19 provision.

On Careersnearhere.com, why not also take a look at the links at the bottom of the screen for:

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