“But I don’t play an instrument or sing… I can’t work in the music industry!”

It’s something I hear on a daily basis. However, people don’t connect the other careers and jobs that are available when it comes to the music industry.

Ed Sheeran didn’t get to the height of success he is at all by himself. He has a whole dedicated team behind him to help him with a variety of different things from business affairs, law, music, marketing and so much more.

My name is Emily. I work at Access to Music in Hengrove, Bristol and we are creative specialists. Our tutors are all experienced musicians, or media people, with a first-hand knowledge of the music and creative industries.

When we talk about creative industries, there really is a large scope for a successful and long career and you don’t need to be the singer, designer or programmer to be a part of those industries.

So before you turn an industry down, no matter what it is, have a deeper look in to what careers are available.

We explore the Music, Media and even the Games industry, looking at the creation of relevant products, but most importantly teaching 16-18 year olds about the wide variety of opportunities and jobs there are. You can find links to our academic courses and inspirational Open Days on Careersnearhere.com: https://www.careersnearhere.com/other-local-career-sectors/performance/

It’s all about learning about the different industries, building a creative CV or Portfolio of work and, wherever possible, getting relevant experience.

We don’t have formal entry requirements; we do our admission process via interview and/or audition because we feel we should take your personal and creative skills and experience into account as well as your GCSE grades.

Access To Music will be at the ‘Focus On Creative Industries’ careers event for ages 15-18 on 23rd March so why not come along and find out more about the huge variety of careers in this amazing sector. Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/376298842720346/