If you’re finalising the five Unis for your UCAS application, see if the following may help: (a) Consider that many colleges now offer Bachelor Degrees. e.g. Bristol Old Vic Theatre School – BA(Hons) Professional Stage Management e.g. Yeovil College – BA (Hons) English and History…. (b) Consider a Foundation Degree if you’re not sure if you’ll get top grades – or for your Insurance Choice – as they can be a stepping stone onto a Bachelor Degree. Again, many are offered via the local colleges. e.g. FdSc Aerospace Engineering Manufacturing at City of Bristol College. e.g. FdA Art & Design at Bath College… (c) On the UCAS Search webpage, type the name of your favourite subject in the Course box – or the subject you already know you want to study. This reveals all the Unis, but also the courses which are similar to the one you chose. Click on these and take a look to see if any are of more interest before you submit your final five. (d) Still in UCAS Search, take a look at the filters on the left of the screen. Have a play! (e) And click on the name of the Uni or College to discover information about their demographics, student union, accommodation…etc. (f) Then have a look at the numerous uni comparison websites such as Compare the Uni, University Compare, The Complete University Guide, Which? University and UniStats. The list is endless, but it’s worth the effort before you commit to 3-4 years studying a potentially new subject in a new setting.

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