You’ve heard of The Prince’s Trust, but do you know exactly who they help and how they benefit our region? With so many different programmes available, we wanted to showcase the variety of free support on offer from this incredible organisation.

So, to find out more, we caught up with the team at our local Prince’s Trust centre in Victoria Street, Bristol. Here’s what they told us …

About Us

At the Prince’s Trust, we support 11 to 30-year-olds who are NEET* – or who are struggling at school – or who are unemployed. *NEET is a commonly used abbreviation for young people (pre-18) who are Not in Education, Employment or Training.

We help them to develop key skills whilst boosting their confidence and motivation to dream big. And to do this, we offer a variety of programmes either in-house, or in collaboration with big brand employers locally. Most of the programmes are for ages 16-25. Here’s an overview of what we offer …

Fairbridge: min 5-days

Fairbridge supports young people (aged 16-25) with a mix of free activities and 1-to-1 support to develop the skills and especially the confidence they need to move forward into work, education or training. We are an inclusive programme, so welcome approaches from schools. It’s completely free.

There’s a Taster Day and 5-day Access course, then young people can choose from follow-on activities such as sport, drama, photography and cooking. It’s fun and fully-equipped to help them to work towards their goals: there’s no time limit as we’re here for as long as they need us.

Get Started: 1-week

Get Started supports NEET* and unemployed young people (aged 16-25) to gain new skills, take a qualification and meet new people. It’s completely free.

This programme is a fun week of activities to help young people discover new talents, develop new skills and confidence whilst working towards a group challenge. They could also gain a qualification and benefit from 1-to-1 support from our staff or one of our mentors to help think about what they’d like to do after the course finishes.

Team: 12-weeks

Team supports NEET* and unemployed young people (aged 16-25) to gain new skills, take a qualification and meet new people. It’s completely free and each Team programme runs Monday to Friday for 12 weeks.

On the programme, young people are challenged to take on a group community project, take part in an action packed residential trip, get two weeks’ work experience in something they’re interested in and develop their English and Maths skills. As part of the course, we also spend some time developing their interview and CV skills to ensure their confidence is sky-high for when taking the next step into work, education or training.

Get Into: work experience & mentoring

Get Into is a great opportunity for NEET* and unemployed young people (aged 16-30) to gain practical work experience and training in an industry that interests them – such as retail, construction, logistics and hospitality.

We also help with their CV and interview skills and offer up to 6 months mentoring, focusing particularly on their employability skills to help them move into a job afterwards.

Each programme varies, but can last 2-6 weeks in the workplace with up to 6-months mentoring.

And here’s what we offer for different age groups locally …

Achieve Clubs: 12-weeks for ages 11-19

Achieve is an inclusive personal development course for young people, aged 11-19. It’s a practical approach to learning to help young people who are struggling to fulfil their true potential, or who need support to re-engage with education. Achieve can either be delivered as a club in an education setting – i.e. in a school or college – or as a 10-week course at our Prince’s Trust centre in Bristol.

During the course, young people explore personal development, life skills – including money matters – active citizenship to make a difference to their local community, an enterprise challenge as well as create a tip-top CV, practice for future interviews and explore their skills and talents.

Enterprise Programme: 12-months+ for unemployed ages 18-30

Our Enterprise programme is for young adults, aged 18-30, who are currently unemployed – or working fewer than 16 hours a week – and are interested in exploring whether self-employment is right for them. It’s designed to help them make that decision and explore their idea further.

On the Enterprise programme they can work with us for up to 12 months, as needed, to ensure they have the support, space and time needed to make decisions and explore their ideas. Then, once they have launched their business, we’ll provide an experienced Business Mentor who will be on hand to share advice every step of the way – for up to two years.

With huge thanks to the team in Bristol who can be reached on 0800 842 842. There’s more about The Prince’s Trust programmes here – And how parents/guardians, schools ..etc can refer a young person here – It’s Your Future – Let’s Get It Started!

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