If you’ve got an interview coming up, you’ve been shortlisted along with others of similar ability, most likely because the course has been over-subscribed! To now choose between you all, the interviewer wants to know if you are likely to be able to complete the degree course. They’ll also be looking to see how you’ll fit in with the culture of the university and what value you’ll add to the department.

But an interview is a two-way process. This is your chance to find out more about the Uni, the course and department. Do I really want to go here after all? Can I actually complete and even do well in this degree course? Will it offer me the opportunities that I’m after? You’ve applied because, hopefully, you’d researched thoroughly on UCAS Search and the various Uni comparison sites we mentioned in an earlier Blog.

However, there can be no substitute for a personal visit to the campus if you haven’t yet had a chance to attend an open day. You’ll experience the reality of the location, the setting, the proximity of the accommodation to the department and to the nightlife, the spread of the buildings that you will need to get between on campus. Once inside the department building, you’ll experience how modern the facilities are and how spacious and light the study environment.

Then during the interview itself you’ll get a chance to dig deeper to check the structure and content of the course, get a feel for what will be expected of you each week and check the findings of your research, such as the careers that most graduates go on to pursue.

As well as preparing to shine for the interviewer, prepare your own questions to show your genuine interest in the course.

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