A careers test is usually a series of multiple-choice questions, the results of which will show the sort of person you are (e.g. a leader) and some go further and list possible careers.



A careers test can help you to determine what you could do after school. Whilst this could potentially be for the rest of your working life (e.g. as a Doctor), it is often simply a short-term pathway that is suited to you at this stage. Have a go – even if you think you know what you are going to be doing: it can be very revealing!



There are plenty of online careers tests on the internet. Examples include (in alphabetical order): BBC Science Human Body Mind Surveys Careers, Buzz Quiz (iCould and UCAS), Careerplayer and Career-Test.co.uk.

There are also careers tests on some of the many US websites including (in alphabetical order): 360Reach, Career Fitter, Ipersonic, and JT O’Donnell Work it Daily.

Take a look around to find one that suits you – and don’t forget to also ask if your Sixth Form, College or University have one to recommend.

If you choose a personal Careers Adviser, they may also have their own version of a careers test.

And there are often careers quizzes and games on the websites listed in Careers Advice & Guidance Online.



Some of the tests may include suggestions for which you have no relevant qualifications and that’s fine – discount those: the results will be simply highlighting possible options for someone with the same characteristics as you.

Try to be open-minded about any suggestions. They will often include pathways that you haven’t previously considered, but if you answered the questions honestly, you could be well suited to the suggested careers.

The tests typically ask what sort of person you are and what you enjoy doing – e.g. do you prefer working alone or with others? They are therefore often best completed with (or by) a close relative – or a friend that knows you well.

And the more honest you are, the better the results. Please don’t say that you like working with others just because you think it is the ‘right’ thing to say as you will be offered team-player positions which just may not suit you.

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