If you wish, you can leave sixth form, college, or school on the last Friday in June of Year 11 – as long as you will be 16 before the start of year 12.

But before then, the law says you need to be in full-time education.

After that last Friday in June of Year 11, the law then gives you the following choices until you are 18:

On your 18th birthday, you are free to choose for yourself.

* It is slightly different outside England. If relevant to you, there’s more on this here.



If you are studying in education, why not first ask if your Sixth Form, College or University have staff nominated to help with careers advice & guidance. They may be tutors, careers advisers or have CIAG in their job title. CIAG is a commonly used term which stands for Careers Information, Advice & Guidance.

If you are looking for personal careers advice & guidance, the following may be able to help –

Others offering careers advice include –

For those at risk of leaving school – or already disengaged from education, try the following pages on Careersnearhere.com:

And for unemployed young adults, aged 18+, try the following pages on Careersnearhere.com:



If you are looking for online information, why not have a look at the Careers Advice & Guidance Online section under Help at the bottom of this page.

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