On the last Friday in June of Year 11, you can leave full-time education if you will be 16 before the end of the summer*.

From that Friday in Year 11 until your 18th birthday, the law also says that you must be in one of the following:

* It is slightly different outside England. If this is relevant to you, read more here.

On your 18th birthday, you are free to choose for yourself.



If you are in full-education, why not first ask if your Sixth Form, College or University have staff nominated to help with careers advice & guidance. They may be tutors, careers advisers or have CIAG in their job title. CIAG is a commonly used term and stands for Careers Information, Advice & Guidance.

For personal careers advice, the following may be able to help

Access Creative College – creative careers
Bristol’s Local Offer – education options after age 16 for young people with SEND
Career Development Institute (CDI) – The CDI website lists professionally qualified careers advisers across the UK
Creative Youth Network – advice and support, no matter what your situation or background
The Institute of the Motor Industry – impartial careers service offering CEIAG on jobs within the retail automotive industry
New Mango
UWE Post-16 Careers Guidance – focus on exploring higher education ideas in Year 12 and on UCAS choices in Year 13
West of England Careers – 1-1 careers advice for employed / unemployed aged 16+ in the region.

For those at risk of leaving school – or already disengaged from education, try the following pages on Careersnearhere.com:

And for unemployed young adults, aged 18+, try the following pages on Careersnearhere.com:



If you are looking for online information, why not have a look at the Careers Advice & Guidance Online section under Help at the bottom of this page.

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