Year 13 and applying to Uni, but not got any offers? Did you know you can still apply? If you applied for the maximum of five courses, but do not have any offers after all five universities and/or colleges have replied, take a look at this …

What if I applied for five courses and don’t have any offers?

Between 25th February and 4th July 2018, there is a window of opportunity called UCAS Extra when you are allowed to apply for another course if you have not got any offers – just as long as you have already applied for the maximum of five.

In other words, this is an opportunity to apply for a sixth course (or seventh, if the sixth one is ‘unsuccessful’) as long as you only apply for one ‘Extra’ course at a time and that, when you accept an offer, you to stick to it* without any Insurance choice in reserve.

There are several reasons why you may not have any offers

If you changed your mind and withdrew your application(s) before receiving the reply. If you declined any offers that you received before you made your Firm (first) and Insurance (reserve) choices. If the replies were all ‘unsuccessful’ or if you asked the Unis to reject you because you changed your mind – after making your Firm and Insurance choices.

How will I know if I am eligible for UCAS Extra?

Quite simply – and UCAS do this whole process really well – UCAS Track gives you an option to ‘Add an Extra Choice’.

Choose a course just as you did back in the Autumn

Simply go back to the UCAS Search website and look for courses in the usual way – except also use the filter option on the left to ‘Show Courses with Vacancies.’ Select a course that interests you, check that you meet the eligibility requirements and then discuss it with your tutor(s) and / or local careers adviser.

We’d also recommend that you research the university or college website as well as the many Uni comparison websites – we’ve listed a lot of these on the Higher Education information page at the bottom of the Careersnearhere website.

And try to get a feel for the place that you’re considering. If you’ve missed the main open day, the Uni website may list options for student-led – or self-guided – campus tours. We also have local Uni tour information on Careersnearhere if you scroll through the Multi-sector noticeboard.

Only this time there’s a different application process

Once you’ve decided which course you’d like to apply for, contact your preferred Uni to check if they will consider you for your chosen course. Care: they won’t be making an instant decision.

Find out if they want a totally new personal statement from you (e.g. if you’re now applying for a completely different subject area). And bear in mind that you may need a new reference as well. If needed, both could take you a few days to sort out and will then need to be sent to the Uni direct (e.g. via email) and include your UCAS reference number for clarity.

Assuming all ok, you’ll also need to log into UCAS Track and select ‘Add an Extra Choice’ following the onscreen instructions as UCAS Track guides you through the process.

Then you wait

After you’ve applied through UCAS Extra, you must give the Uni 21 days (3 weeks) to reply. If you don’t hear back, you can only contact them direct to check the progress of your application after this time. And if they need longer to decide, then it’s up to you whether you hold out for them.

What happens if I want to accept a Uni offer following my Extra application?

* Assuming you receive an offer and want to accept, you need to reply via UCAS Track before the date shown. If you do decide to accept the offer, this becomes your Firm (first) Choice and you are committed to go there if you get the grades (or meet any other specified requirements). That means that you won’t have an Insurance Choice or be able to apply for any more courses – unless you ask the Uni to reject you. You also won’t be eligible for Clearing before your results are published … but that’s for another blog.

And what if the Uni doesn’t make me an offer?

If you are ‘unsuccessful’ and do not have an offer through UCAS Extra – or if you change your mind and withdraw your application – you simply start this same process again straight away when UCAS Track updates and shows ‘Add an Extra Choice’ again after 21 days. There’s no limit to the number of applications you can make during the Extra window from February to July, but you can only make one Extra application at a time.

And if I still don’t have any offers by July?

If you still don’t have any offers by the summer, that’s when Clearing starts, but we can look at that in a future blog!

For everyone who does have offers

By now, you’ll be familiar with UCAS Track. It works really efficiently and tells you exactly what you need to do and when. And to help you finalise that Firm (first) and Insurance (reserve) choice of degree from your original application, there are lots of helpful tips on the UCAS website and on their YouTube videos so do make time for these if you’re not sure – or speak with your family, your tutor and / or local careers adviser.

And finally

A reminder that our blogs are simple overviews to help get you started. Always remember to check the UCAS website and their YouTube videos for the details of any stage of your application or decision-making process, refer to your local careers adviser for anything specific to your circumstances and take a look at the many advice and guidance websites listed on help pages at the bottom of the Careersnearhere website. If you search online, please also check the date of any articles you read as they can often be out of date. We always recommend talking to your local careers adviser and checking the official UCAS websites to be certain. It’s Your Future – Let’s Get It Started!