On this page, you can find specialist sources of information to help your understanding and career planning within this key local industry. This expert content and local labour market information will continue to evolve with industry sponsorship of this career sector on Careersnearhere – but for now, why not take a look at the following overview which includes suggestions for how to research further.


Academic courses are advertised (for free) on the Academic noticeboard in each of the relevant careers rooms.

And on the websites of the individual universities and colleges.

See also: Sixth Forms, Colleges and Higher Education.

Apprenticeship vacancies are advertised (for free) on the Apprenticeship noticeboard in each of the relevant careers rooms.

And most Apprenticeship vacancies are advertised nationally on the government backed Find an Apprenticeship website.

See also: Apprenticeships (Level 2 or 3) and Apprenticeships (Level 4+).


If you can’t find what you’re looking for today under Advanced Engineering, remember to come back again as adverts can be placed (for free) at any time. Meanwhile, follow your instincts to keep exploring elsewhere on Careersnearhere.com because what you want may simply have been advertised under a different sector.

And take a look at the careers advice & guidance online section of Careersnearhere.com for sector-specific information and relevant videos.

There’s relevant local information on the West of England LEP website including:

  • Labour Market Intelligence
  • Local Marketplace Information
  • Local Sector Groups
  • Local Skills Sector Statement

Here are just a few of the many other relevant websites and trade magazines which may be of interest:

@Bristol Engineering UK
Advanced Engineering UK ETrust
Aero magazine Eureka
Aerospace Growth Partnership F1 Racing
Aerospace Manufacturing (&Design) Free Index
Aerospace Testing International Grand Prix
Airliner World InterRegs
Autocar JAMA
Autofield Guide JLL Real Views
Automotive Design Just Engineers
Automotive Engineer Maintenance & Engineering
Automotive Intelligence Manta
Automotive Manufacturing Ministry of Defence
Aviation Week Pilot
BEMA Plant & Works Engineering
BEAMA Port Technology
Bristol Aerospace Centre PWC Autofacts
Bristol Astronomical Royal Academy of Engineering
British Army Royal Aeronautical Society
Car Design Royal Air Force
Composites Manufacturing Royal Navy
Defence in the Media Swan Athena
Defense Aerospace (France) The Engineer
Department for Transport Statistics Tomorrow’s Engineers
Do-It.org Transport Monthly
EEF Transport Research Laboratory
The Engineer Volunteer Bristol
Engineering Construction Volunteer Centres at BANES, Filton, Kingswood, Thornbury & Yate
Engineering Council Wards Auto
Engineering Maintenance
And look out for some of the websites for the relevant UK Associations, Institutes & Institutions:
Acoustics Manufacturing
Aeronautical Marine Engineering, Science & Technology
Aerospace Technology Materials, Minerals & Mining
Agricultural Engineers Measurement & Control
Aluminium Mechanical Engineers
Astronomical Mining Engineers
Automotive Engineer Assessors Motor Industry
BAGMA Motor Manufacturers & Traders
Bristol Vintage Bus Group Motor Sports
Building Engineers Naval Architects
Building Services Engineers The Niche Vehicle Network
Cast Metals Engineers Non-Destructive Testing
Chemical Engineers Nuclear Engineers
Chemical Industries OICA
Civil Engineers Operations Engineers
Demolition Engineers Physics
Diagnostic Engineers Physics & Engineering in Medicine
Diesel & Gas Turbine Plant Engineers
Society of Dyers and Colourists Plumbing & Heating
Energy Quality
Engineering Railway Signal Engineers
Engineering Designers Royal Academy
Engineering & Technology Royal Engineers
Environmental Engineers Royal Society
European Automobile Manufacturers Sound & Communications Engineers
European National Engineering Structural Engineers
Explosives Engineers Subsea UK
Fire Engineers Systems Engineering
Gas Engineers & Managers Transportation Engineers
Geological UK EVSE
Healthcare Engineering & Estate Management Underwater Technology
Highway Engineers Vehicle Builders & Repairers
Highways & Transportation Water
International Automotive Engineering Water & Environmental Management
IT Welding
Lighting Professionals Women’s Engineering