Need help with your career choices?

It’s easy to think that a career is a huge decision because it’s for the rest of your life, but unless you have plans to commit to one clear path as a vet, a doctor, a nurse or to take on the family business, the chances are that – like the rest of us – you will have a varied journey ahead of you, influenced initially [...]

July 16th, 2018|Categories: > Motivation, Strategies|

Activities week – an opportunity to grab more experiences for your CV

Whether it’s Enrichment, Activities or Careers week, find out how to get the most from this annual opportunity and add something meaningful and relevant to your CV and personal statement. What are we talking about? If you are transitioning between years – perhaps between Year 12 and 13 – your school or college will most likely have at least one careers activity planned for you in [...]

June 25th, 2018|Categories: > Motivation, Strategies|

The Power of the Parent!

Who is where they are today because of their parents – and for parents, please read carers, guardians and grandparents as well. Who is living where they live, studying what they’re studying, working where they’re working, going out with who they’re going out with, because of their parents? Who goes to their local school because of where their parents chose to live? Who is studying GCSEs [...]

May 4th, 2018|Categories: > Motivation, Strategies|

A few thoughts for my younger self

It’s sometimes hard to listen to words of wisdom from parents, grandparents and others you depend on. Perhaps they didn’t go to Uni themselves, or don’t understand about modern apprenticeships, so how can they possibly help?  Personally, I’ve got to the stage in life where I could share some thoughts and experiences with my younger self and so - in the absence of the required time-travel [...]

June 5th, 2017|Categories: > Motivation, Strategies|

Leave it to the last minute?

There’s a trusted expression: “Fail to prepare – prepare to fail”:  if you don’t research, plan or prepare sufficiently in advance, you risk failure and, in my case, you risk a considerable amount of unnecessary, last minute, stress… I had been preparing for an event and had promised to bring Sharpie pens and a store voucher as a prize for the quiz and, thinking everything was [...]

February 24th, 2017|Categories: > Motivation, Strategies|

Make a plan: how mock exams can help!

There are ways to bounce back when you're not feeling motivated, when the bears are hibernating and you wish you could too, when it’s cold (freezing cold) in the mornings - and dark - but you’ve still got to get up and GO! Urgh! This time of year is roughly half-way between the excitement of starting the academic year and the somewhat different buzz of sitting [...]

January 27th, 2017|Categories: > Motivation, Strategies|

Dig deep, fight back and you can succeed!

I should have guessed that something was wrong when I left the Maths exam confident that I had done well. I was eagerly discussing what I’d put as my answers with friends who seemed to be puzzled by my enthusiasm and had put something else.  It turns out they were right and I was wrong.  I scraped an ‘E’ in Maths and failed my other two [...]

January 20th, 2017|Categories: > Motivation, Strategies|
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