Year 13 – UCAS

///Year 13 - UCAS

Options on results day if your A-levels don’t go quite to plan

A-level results are out on 16th August and unless you are already holding an unconditional offer or already have a great set of BTEC results, this will be a very big day in your life. On the day, keep a close eye on UCAS Track for the information you’ll need about your offers. And try to prepare in advance as much as possible to save yourself [...]

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What can happen on results day even with great grades

Just finished year 13? Applied to Uni and waiting for your exam results on 16th August? Unless you are holding an unconditional offer, you will most likely be waiting to see if you get the grades required by your Firm (first) choice and Insurance choice Uni.  Yet even if you do well, there are still a number of scenarios to bear in mind. Here is an [...]

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Clearing – why it’s important to start looking early

If you are in year 13 and you are not holding any offers – whether you have already applied or whether you are a new applicant - you will now need to consider using Clearing as UCAS Extra closed on 4th July. What and when is Clearing? Clearing is a part of the annual process of applying to Uni via UCAS – and by Uni we [...]

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An extra window of opportunity for those without offers

Year 13 and applying to Uni, but not got any offers?  Did you know you can still apply?  If you applied for the maximum of five courses, but do not have any offers after all five universities and/or colleges have replied, take a look at this … What if I applied for five courses and don’t have any offers? Between 25th February and 4th July 2018, [...]

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Uni Offers coming in?

Glued to your phone checking UCAS Track day and night? When you apply for higher education courses in Year 13, each of the Unis you apply to then decides whether they want to make you an offer or not. It’s not automatic that you simply apply and get a place: they can turn you down flat - or make a Conditional offer setting out their requirements [...]

February 5th, 2018|Categories: > Academic Paths, Year 13 - UCAS|

Year 13 – UCAS application deadline & offers

If you’re in Year 13 and want to go on into higher education after sixth form, you can apply for up to five courses via UCAS – the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. The deadline to apply for most undergraduate courses* is 6pm on Monday 15th January 2018, but it’s likely you will already have completed your UCAS application as your school or college will have [...]

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What’s the difference between your CV and a Personal Statement?

For year 13, it’s Uni application time.  And, even if you don’t plan on doing a degree after school, you’ll be expected to prepare a CV for job interviews or apprenticeships. Those around you – at home and in school – care about what happens to you after sixth form and so it’s time to sit down and start writing about ‘product you’ for the benefit [...]

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How do I apply to Uni in Year 13?

If you know that you would like to go to Uni after sixth form – or even after a planned gap year – you’ll have heard of UCAS and know that this is how you apply.  You’ll probably also realise that your school or college completely understand the process and that you are unlikely to have to start any of it until year 13.  However, we’ve [...]

May 2nd, 2017|Categories: > Academic Paths, Year 13 - UCAS|

What’s happening with my higher education applications?

Having applied for up to five higher education courses via UCAS, you’ll now be starting to receive the Uni decisions and considering how you will reply.  The decisions (hopefully offers) will reach you via UCAS Track online.  Chances are that you will be checking your mobile daily for the latest info, but try not to compare the speed of your Uni decisions – or the deadline [...]

February 21st, 2017|Categories: > Academic Paths, Year 13 - UCAS|

Making your five UCAS choices

If you're finalising the five Unis for your UCAS application, see if the following may help: (a) Consider that many colleges now offer Bachelor Degrees. e.g. Bristol Old Vic Theatre School - BA(Hons) Professional Stage Management e.g. Yeovil College - BA (Hons) English and History.... (b) Consider a Foundation Degree if you're not sure if you'll get top grades - or for your Insurance Choice - [...]

November 1st, 2016|Categories: > Academic Paths, Year 13 - UCAS|
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