When I was working in sixth form careers, students would frequently ask how they could work in business after they left school. “What exactly do you mean by business?” I would say as it was a very broad request, but it was to help inspire the layout of the Careersnearhere website with its dedicated Business Admin and Business Management sections.

In today’s blog we’re going to show you a range of local opportunities under the all-encompassing headings of Business Admin so that you can discover which one might be right for you. Conveniently, they are almost all called ‘Business Administration Apprentice’ vacancies so it’s important to be able to differentiate between them if you can.

We’ll save Business Management for a later date when more are being advertised again, but in general it includes most of the local higher and degree apprenticeship vacancies.

Advanced Apprenticeships (Level 3)

At the top of the relevant page, try filtering to level 3 apprenticeships. This way you can see the opportunities which will expect more of you. They will typically – but not always – be over a longer period, with higher pay and more demanding requirements, such as a minimum of 5 GCSEs at Grade A*-C (or 4-9), including Maths and English. This could be the right level for you after, or instead of, A-levels.

Location, Location, Location …

Another approach is to look in the geographical region nearest to you. Careersnearhere only shows you apprenticeships with a local postcode so we have already done the regional filtering for you. We then independently research the full address so that you can see if a vacancy is in North Somerset or South Gloucestershire, even though it perhaps has a Bristol postcode such as BS48 or BS37.

Careersnearhere also uses Google Maps links in each advert so you can pinpoint the exact location on a map and use the directions feature to determine how far away it is and how easily you could get there. It can help when you are trying to find the actual employer for an interview – or to start on your first day! And many adverts state that you must check that you can get to the vacancy before applying, especially if it is in a location which is not served by public transport.

Is it the right career sector?

There can be local ‘Business Admin’ vacancies in a wide range of sectors including engineering, law, banking, finance, medical, and estate agency. Taking time to reflect on your suitability for – and interest in – the type of business will help in deciding which to apply for.

It could even be a foot in the door of an industry that you would like to branch out into. Job descriptions for the different roles include assisting and shadowing lawyers, working in partnership with experienced recruitment consultants, and working for a strong leader in the security services industry.

Why not also take a look at the ‘Future Prospects’ note in the advert to gauge the likelihood of being able to remain in the business if you are successful such as “for the right candidate there is potential for a long term legal career”.

Other apprenticeships can include business admin as well

One of the benefits of the Careersnearhere layout is that the business admin noticeboards include relevant opportunities which don’t always have ‘business admin’ in the title!

Take a look under the ‘Business Admin’ section and at different times of year you might find a Medical Receptionist providing administrative support to the team, a Legal Administration Apprentice or a Regeneration Team Apprentice with general office duties. These may not have been obvious if not filtered for you and so could open up a whole range of wider possibilities.

Do you have the right skills and personal qualities?

Aside from any academic requirements, take time to also review the list of skills and qualities that you will be expected to have before you apply as this can also help you to decide which business admin role will suit you best.

Are they looking for someone who is numerate, who has excellent time management, who is confident and articulate, a team-player, ambitious, who has good spelling and neat hand writing, or has excellent customer service skills both face to face and via phone or email? See how you can match your own skills to those in the adverts before applying.

Maths and English

And if you have not got – or are unlikely to get – either your Maths or English GCSE, you may want to consider an apprenticeship where the training provider is offering these. Whilst this applies not just to business admin roles, it is more likely on offer – if needed – with Intermediate apprenticeships (Level 2).

Choice of training provider

As well as thinking about the employer or industry that you might like, why not also take a look at the training provider as well? They will not all be local, some will offer remote learning – online instead of in a classroom – and some will deliver the training in your place of work.

Just like employers they all have different reputations and application procedures: some will want you to send in your CV and others will expect you to apply via the Find an Apprenticeship website online application form.

Check for apprentice feedback on their website testimonials page and look for any adverse experiences in the chatrooms on social media. Pick wisely and you will not be disappointed.

Need inspiration or experience for your CV?

And finally, you may be needing some work experience or an inspirational event to attend so that you have something meaningful on your CV when you apply. Try to make it as relevant as possible and be aware of the transferable skills you will be gaining to help with your application(s). We’ve covered these in earlier blogs along with CV writing and there’s more on both on the Careersnearhere website.

And finally, …

The clue is in the apprenticeship framework/standard listed in the advert. These contain the set of requirements that define the apprenticeship, ensuring that all apprenticeships are delivered consistently: rather like an exam standard.

Most of the relevant frameworks/standards are called ‘Business Administration’ or ‘Business Administrator’ so, no matter what the job title, just check the framework/standard to be sure you know what to expect.

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