If you are in sixth form and have the academic ability to apply to Uni in year 13 there are ways in which to gain advantage and get a flavour of what university is really like, right now – even if you’re not yet sure whether or not you want to go. If this is for you – please don’t miss out!

Every year, different universities offer programmes to encourage and enable young people to experience the benefits of higher education. This might be at an open day, subject taster day or summer school, but if you meet their listed criteria, why not also take a look at these sixth form extra-curricular programmes at the University of Bristol? They could add real value to your personal statement and make a difference to your choice of next steps.

If you want to apply for one of these courses, applications are currently open, but close on Friday 22nd September (and 8th October for Pathways to Law). Firstly, it is important to highlight who might be eligible to apply as these programmes are not – and cannot be – for all young people if they are to help those who will benefit most from the opportunity.

What is the application criteria?

To apply you must:

  • be in your first or second year of A-level study (or equivalent) – with the exception of the Pathways to Law and Pathways to Health Sciences streams, which are two-year programmes and therefore open to students in Year 12 only
  • be resident in a BA, BS or other local postcode within an hour’s journey of the University of Bristol
  • attend a state school or college

What is Access to Bristol?

Access to Bristol is a one-year programme designed for sixth form students (in either year 12 or 13) who have the grades, motivation and potential to succeed at a Russell Group university. And taking part shows a commitment to further study that will strengthen your application when you apply to university.

Access to Bristol comprises a series of sessions which take place at the university on Wednesday afternoons from 2.00-4.30 pm during term time. These programmes are very popular and there is high demand for places, but there is an extensive list of subjects to choose from on applying.

Find out more here: https://www.careersnearhere.com/multi-sector/entry/10655/

What are the benefits of Access to Bristol?

As well as developing your subject knowledge, Access to Bristol will give you an insight into student life at Bristol, first-hand experience of studying at one of Britain’s top universities, and opportunities to try out the sports clubs and societies.

You will also benefit from support with your A-level studies from world-class teaching staff, a boost to your CV and UCAS application and the chance to meet with other local students from a range of backgrounds.

Successful completion of the programme will guarantee you an offer from the University of Bristol provided that you meet the full entry requirements of the course you apply for. You will also be eligible for a contextual offer (i.e. usually two grades lower than the typical offer) for all undergraduate courses. And, if the course holds interviews or auditions as part of the selection process, you will also be guaranteed an interview or audition.

If you successfully complete the Access to Bristol scheme and go on to firmly accept your offer to study at the University of Bristol you may also be eligible for financial assistance from the Access to Bristol bursary – more details here: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/study/teachers/post-16/access/

What is Pathways to Health Sciences?

The Pathways to Health Sciences programme is for local students in year 12 interested in studying Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science. It consists of a wide variety of sessions designed to give you an insight into the health sciences programmes available at the University of Bristol.

The closing date for applications, the entry criteria and benefits are very similar to those for the Access to Bristol scheme (above). You take part in academic taster sessions delivered by leading academics and current students. And you have the opportunity to take part in work experience placements and meet professionals in your chosen field. As well as academic and professional sessions, the programme will also provide you with personal statement and interview workshops.

Read more here – https://www.careersnearhere.com/academic/entry/10656/

What is Pathways to Law?

Pathways to Law is a two-year programme starting in the first term of Year 12 and finishing in the final term of Year 13.

Every Pathways to Law student will be offered a one-week work experience placement at a leading law firm, a programme of after-school and weekend events, e-mentoring from legal professionals and the chance to attend a four-day residential conference packed with talks, activities and networking opportunities.

The deadline for applying to Pathways to Law is on 8th October so you have got a little more time if this is for you. And the criteria for applicants is also slightly different as the scheme is part of a national initiative run by the Sutton Trust in conjunction with several prominent universities, of which the University of Bristol are involved locally.

There’s more here – https://www.careersnearhere.com/academic/entry/10652/

And finally …

Applications for Access to Bristol 2017/18 and Pathways to Health Sciences 2017 are now open. You must complete the application form by 4 pm on 22 September 2017. However, you have until 8th October for the Pathways to Law. Follow the links above to find out more and click through to the application form(s).

Applicants for Access to Bristol can be in either year 12 or year 13 as it is a one-year programme. However, those applying for either Pathways to Health Sciences or Pathways to Law should be in year 12 as these are both two-year schemes.

The University of Bristol recommend that you discuss your application to the programme with your head of sixth form. And in particular, you will need permission from your school or college to attend the sessions plus the university routinely ask for a contact at your school on your application form.

If you have any questions, or need any assistance with the application form, please get in touch at [email protected]

Thank you to the University of Bristol for their support with this blog. @BristolUni

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