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We are trying to help as many young people as we can in the local area to get their future started.

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Teachers & Advisers

“There is so much information on the website that is relevant to (our students) and that they should be accessing.”
“I love the site – I’m always on it and am encouraging parents to use it as well”
“Tutors thought it was great, I’ve added it to our internal intranet of career links, and endorse it when I can through assemblies”
“This is much more student-friendly than the national apprenticeship website which my students can’t navigate without my help”

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Local Careers Bulletin – schools/colleges/youth support: subscribe here

“It is a really valuable resource. We just wait for the bulletin to come out, then share the content with our students!”
“We forward your careers bulletin to parents … you’ve got lots on there: more than we get in school”
“Our school has now started sending out a careers newsletter because of (based on) your weekly bulletins!”
“Thanks for all the up-dates and information .. which gets passed through to our students .. by Friday mail”

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Young People

“You’ve solved my career plans in 10 seconds – that’s amazing! Thank you!”
“I got more contact details and info after spending 15mins looking through this than spending a day at a careers fair last week!”
“Very easy to find exactly what you are looking for”
“On other websites, you have to filter out the rest of the country and it’s really confusing. This is so much better!”

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Parents & Carers

“(My son) got … a degree apprenticeship working in Bristol … £18K pa, salary reviewed every year and various other benefits. He (found it on Careersnearhere) … Think this uses his … experience well … So pleased and relieved … I will always be so grateful.”
“Thanks to which helped us to book for this wonderful learning activity!”
“Using a lot of the points you made in your excellent CV (blog articles) … ( is) a great site!”

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Universities & Colleges

“Careersnearhere is a free resource for young people and is popular among local schools”
“I use your website with pupils and students and it is included in my work experience document.”
“I’ll (send you our logo) today. Thank you for all your support”

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Training Providers

“Beautifully informative – a genuinely brilliant resource. Thanks!”
“keen to advertise our vacancies on the website”
“I use Careersnearhere to see what our competitors are offering!”

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Other Advertisers

“I am very grateful for all your publicity. You will be pleased to know that our … programme … is fully subscribed. I am sure you helped. Many, many thanks.”
“You’ve been such a fantastic mouth piece for us in Bristol and the surrounding area promoting our events for us!”
“We always signpost students we speak to at careers events to look at your website. It is really good and comprehensive. I think it is really good.”

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Local Authorities (and similar)

“Careersnearhere is a great resource for advisers and young people looking for sector-based careers support.”
“It is simple to use and can help young people to find suitable information linked to education and work-related opportunities.”
“Your website is very highly regarded!”
“If you have any large posters to promote Careers near here … drop them in.”

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Youth Support for NEET, Unemployed & Disengaged

“we … help get young people into education and employment … in a number of locations and … it would be good to … discuss how we could work together to refer people … as we get a lot of young people looking for opportunities”
“I have just had a play on your website and it is very easy to use and I like that fact it’s very local.”
“The Careersnearhere website is a fantastic resource that I’ve shared with our delivery staff and encouraged them to use in their daily work with young people.”

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