Supported by active social media, is an independent local website which has been designed to complement the traditional toolkit of careers advice and guidance resources.

Here’s how teachers, tutors, SLT and heads of year can make the most out of using to help students – no matter what their abilities – to explore opportunities in local career sectors.

What? is a simple signposting service based on the concept of careers rooms; each one representing a local career sector – e.g. Health & Social Care.

In each careers room there are four specialist noticeboards:

  • Inspiratione.g. specialist careers fairs, short courses, talks, open days & events
  • Experiencee.g. volunteering, work experience, weekend/evening jobs & internships
  • Academice.g. sixth form, college & uni courses, sponsored degrees & grants/scholarships
  • Apprenticeshipse.g. relevant vacancies for traineeships through to degree apprenticeships

Each noticeboard advertises local opportunities which are suitable for 16-21 year olds and relevant to the chosen careers room. By local we mean that the opportunity must be located in a BS or BA postcode area (although Other Regions are available).

Each advert then simply signposts with a link direct to the detail in an advertiser’s website.

There is also a Multi-Sector Noticeboard advertising more general opportunities, talks and open days which cover multiple career sectors.

Advertisers place adverts on the relevant noticeboard(s) for young people to find and apply direct. There is no middleman, no user registration and no catch; just a simple signposting service.

Everything is free for you to use.

What it’s not:

  • No graduate opportunities: the Uni careers teams have this covered
  • No permanent jobs: the job centres and recruitment companies do this
  • No personal CIAG careers advice & guidance: read more in the Careers Advice & Guidance Online and Careers Advisers sections at the bottom of the screen

Why? is a HUGE time saving tool:

  • All in one place – to save you time searching around. e.g. local engineering apprenticeships
  • Simple signposting – you just get the headlines and choose whether to click through to the detail
  • Quick and easy to use – find the adverts in just 2 or 3 clicks
  • Google maps link – on most adverts to help locate the opportunity in advance and on the day
  • Mobile friendly – your students can use it themselves. It’s in their pocket!
  • Active social media – students and parents/carers follow careers information independently
  • Live adverts – so you don’t have to trawl through out of date content
  • Focus your CIAG – ask students without any ideas to choose the pictures they like best here
  • Simple information – general overviews of the options available after GCSEs and at aged 18, as well as Tips on writing CVs and Personal Statements
  • Consistent layout – easy to navigate and familiarise yourself with the format
  • We’ve done the research – to identify local opportunities relevant to the career sector of choice
  • Benefits students of all abilities – lessen the need to look on multiple sites

It’s an effective way of filling their CVs:

  • Content for CVs – improving their chances of getting – and passing – an interview
  • Relevant adverts – helps meet requests for relevant experience – e.g. UCAS personal statement
  • Choice of pathway – a choice of local academic courses and apprenticeships
  • Local opportunities – so your students don’t have to travel far – e.g. to attend talks and events

It’s cost effective:

  • Free access 24/7 – so no impact on the school budget
  • Free Careers Bulletin here – up to date, live content to paste into school newsletters
  • Free blogs – informative and helpful range of topics. On Facebook and on the website here

It helps meet the requirements for careers provision:

  • Compass Benchmarks – view alignment detail here
  • Gatsby Benchmarks – view alignment detail here
  • Industrial Strategy 2017 – view alignment detail here
  • Independent – all providers get equal listings
  • No middleman – Students and staff are not required to register or leave any details therefore providing unhindered access to information about options and opportunities
  • Diverse – good coverage of opportunities for BAME and for girls, supported by visual imagery
  • Linking to curriculum – adverts for in-school and external talks on careers topics and specific subjects

More benefits of on the About Us page at the bottom of the screen.


If your students are looking for something relevant for their CV:

  1. Choose a careers room of interest – either from the pictures or list (tabs at top of page)
  2. Decide what they’re looking for – i.e. which Noticeboard to look at
  3. Explore the chosen Noticeboard for local and relevant opportunities
  4. Click on How to Apply in the advert to get to the detail on the advertiser’s website

And if you could just do with some simple overviews:

(1) Information pages – At the bottom of every screen, scroll to the blue banner to find:

(2) Social media – take a glimpse at our busy social media pages. Follow for more:


If your student has no idea what they want to do? – Start them on Explore Local Careers at the top of the screen. Ask them to follow your instincts and click on the boxes that most appeal.

Right Local Industry, but wrong sub-sector? – Try a different one: they are like rooms in rooms in specialist buildings (e.g. Advanced Engineering). They are in the building so why not now wander between the different rooms to see which appeals most (e.g. Aerospace Engineering).

When your student is ready to start exploring – Simply ask them to choose the sector(s) of interest, select one of the noticeboards and start attending the advertised careers opportunities. They will all be relevant to the sector they have chosen and should add real value to their CV and Personal Statement.

Thank you.

It’s Their Future – Let’s Get It Started!