Whilst students that are disengaged (or NEET) can be very time consuming to manage and need one-to-one support, there may be occasions when you want to point them to Careersnearhere.com for ideas to fill their CV and a choice of potential career path and local courses. It is free to search, we have used some carefully thought-out imagery and hope the following is of use to you.

Information page – many of the expert organisations across the region able to support these students – and you – are listed on the Post 16 Options > NEET & Disengaged information page at the bottom of every screen.

Advice & Guidance pages – whilst Careersnearhere is not a personal CIAG website, we do signpost to Advice & Guidance Online, Careers Tests and to Careers Advisers on the Information Pages at the bottom of every screen.

Specialist room – we also have a careers room dedicated to Employability & Reducing Barriers where you may find other sources of specialist inspiration and help.

Mobile-friendly – The Careersnearhere website works well on mobile and it takes only 2 or 3 clicks to land on the adverts. It is therefore quick and easy for young people to access and use for themselves if this is something they would prefer to do.

Initial career choice – and if a young person is reluctant to talk to a professional careers adviser at the outset, they can easily use the colourful layout of the website to select one or more career sectors of interest prior to any formal appointment. It can turn ‘I don’t know’ into ‘I like this sector’ and therefore build engagement – worth a try.

Multi-Sector noticeboard – this links to inspiring events which may help as well as a list of imminent open days at local colleges here if this would be a better option.

Inspiration noticeboards – these list events, talks and workshops to help young people discover if a careerpath is right for them – as well as to get something relevant on their CV.

Experience noticeboards – these signpost to local volunteering and work experience opportunities which may help to give a young person a chance to see if they would like to pursue a career in the sector – as well as to get something meaningful on their CV.

Academic noticeboards – not totally discounting this option, it may simply be that the young person is not on the right course or in the right setting and they can research alternative academic options on these noticeboards.

Apprenticeship noticeboards – depending on their abilities, these can start with Traineeships with built-in work experience and help with maths and English.

Active social media – we blog on Facebook covering topics such as what’s on, academic paths, apprenticeships, careers focus and motivation. These are then archive on the website Blog page in a searchable format for future reference. If a young person is doing much of this for themselves, this content may prove extremely helpful and inspiring.


Careersnearhere.com: It’s Their Future – Let’s Get It Started!