The Government’s Careers Strategy (Dec 2017) sets out that every school and academy providing secondary education should use the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Benchmarks to develop and improve their careers provision.

The Gatsby Benchmarks are not a statutory framework, but by adopting them, schools can be confident that they are fulfilling their legal duties:

  • Existing – to secure independent careers guidance
  • Existing – to provide opportunities to a range of providers to inform pupils about technical education qualifications or apprenticeships
  • New – to publish information about the careers programme on the school website

Compass is an online self-evaluation tool from the Careers and Enterprise Company which schools can use to assess how their careers support compares against the Gatsby Benchmarks and the national average. Schools baseline themselves using this tool, consider the opportunities to improve their careers programme based on their confidential results, and track their progress against the Benchmarks over time. Include your use of Careersnearhere when completing Compass.

Supported by active social media, Careersnearhere (CNH) has been designed to complement the traditional toolkit of careers advice and guidance resources, and aligns with the Gatsby Benchmarks as follows:


Benchmark 2 – Learning from Career and Labour Market Information

  • Local career sectors – CNH career sectors are based on the key local industries in this region
  • Local adverts – CNH adverts each signpost direct only to opportunities located in the local economy
  • Local LMI – each of the main 12 career sectors include more information and links to local labour market information (e.g. Construction)


Benchmark 3 – Addressing the needs of each pupil

  • Relevant – CNH adapts to the search requirements of each student based on their choice of career sector, and noticeboard filter
  • Mobile-friendly – CNH can be easily accessed on a mobile device in or out of school
  • Information pages – adverts are complemented by simple information pages to aid understanding (e.g. Apprenticeships Level 2 or 3)
  • Blogs – a variety of articles in searchable format to support and explain often complex topics in an accessible format
  • Quick and easy to use – CNH works well for Generation Z with brief advert summaries to scroll through and standard layouts
  • Live adverts – to save time and retain interest levels, the adverts all have a clear expiry date and are displayed in reverse chronological order
  • No barriers – CNH is free to use, there is no middleman, and the adverts signpost direct to opportunities in the local economy
  • Diverse – wherever possible, the CNH website covers disabilities, SEND, reflects different communities and opportunities for young women


Benchmark 4 – Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers

  • Inspiration noticeboards – these adverts include providers who deliver sector-specific content which supports the school curriculum


Benchmark 5 – Encounters with Employers and Employees

  • Inspiration noticeboards – these adverts include sector-specific opportunities for young people to meet local employers and employees
  • Multi-Sector noticeboard – these adverts include careers fairs, jobs fairs and apprenticeships fairs attended by local employers


Benchmark 6 – Experiences of Workplaces

  • Experience noticeboards – these adverts include sector-specific work experience, part-time jobs, and volunteering in the workplace
  • Apprenticeship noticeboards – these connect young people with work-based learning in apprenticeships and traineeships


Benchmark 7 – Encounters with Further and Higher Education

  • Inspiration noticeboards – these adverts include sector-specific opportunities with academic providers (e.g. in-school talks)
  • Experience noticeboards – these adverts include sector-specific academic experiences (e.g. university summer schools)
  • Academic noticeboards – these adverts show the range of academic courses available to young people
  • Multi-Sector noticeboard – these adverts include university and college open days and other cross-campus opportunities


Benchmark 8 – Personal Guidance

Whilst CNH does not offer personal advice and guidance, it does provide a free resource to support the work of professional careers advisers as well as non-qualified staff, young people and parents/carers – see Testimonials.


Careersnearhere – It’s Their Future – Let’s Get It started!


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